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Hello Good People!

Welcome to my first post. I am so excited to put my thoughts out as there’s plenty to say about me! I am a born again christian woman, in my 30s, happily married with some really adorable children. I wouldn’t do much of an introduction as I hope you’ll come back again and again to get a glimpse into my wonderful world!

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  1. Mubo Farukanmi

    Really insightful. I am not the usual blogger so I may not come often. keep it up though, you may convert me yet!!!

    • Mubo, that you even visited is plenty to be excited about 🙂 Thanks so much for reading, it means a lot to me. Now I’ll have to work extra hard to keep your attention, hope you guys are well!

  2. So you are a BA?

    So this is what you are now telling people, that you are in your thirties, uuh – I know your secret o! Mmmm thirties, you sure?

    Anyway, it was fun reading and commenting on your blog tonight at 01:57hrs @ Bromley while my family members are napping.

    I’m off to bed now and hope i have not offended you with any of my comments.

    Stay blessed sister from another mother – JAM

  3. Why are you up? Incidentally today;s blog is titled Nocturnal beings- things that go bump at night! Read all about you here, later today! Thanks for reading and sharing, much love, T

  4. Hi! I’m just discovering your blog, I’ll be back!


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