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Farewell, Michael

We just watched the Memorial on Michael Jackson. I’m glad its over. I’m glad I can now get back to life like it was before he died.

Then again I’m not quite sure I  can or want to do that. You see before Michael died, I didn’t think about how sad or happy his life was. I didn’t think about his daily battles. Worst of all I didn’t think about whether or not he had a relationship with Christ. Now I can’t stop thinking about that all important question, where is Michael now?
He was indeed an incredibly gifted man, yes his music and memories live on but the gifts and talents died along with him. Life is indeed like a mist. Like a mist the talent is gone. Like a mist that pure, beautiful voice is gone. Like a mist that charming smile is gone.
The world has been part of a memorial never to be forgotten, with so many words of love for this man. I pray he is indeed at rest. I pray that his death causes so many to run to Christ with the realization that no one on earth has the final say in their life.
I also feel ashamed at how little my life has impacted people. Michael touched people with his music and his money.
Lord, please hide my life in your hands, you have the final say. I’d rather you had my life than me, I can’t take care of it. I love you Jesus. Adieus, MJ.

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  1. Ibiyomi AKA Lara Love: )

    You are kidding about lack of impact your life has had on people, right??? Do you realize how much you and the fam have greatly impacted me and Da Boy’s life? You are forever a member of my family. Do you realize what a force you are to your own family’s life? You are treasured, my dear! No one is MJ, but what MJ didn’t do was allow Christ to impact his life so the fruits/rewards of that relationship could transform other lives for the benefit of eternal life with Him in heaven. What profits a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul? You are driven Christ-ward and that is extremely impactful…if that is a word!: ) IMPACTFUL…let me look it up; )


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