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Baby J’s Dreaded Hearing Test

Yesterday I finally attended the appointment for baby J’s hearing. When he was born, the initial test did not pick up a reading in his right ear. I remember saying “Lord, not now. we have too much to deal with at the moment” I didn’t attend subsequent appointments because “I forgot”, couldn’t make it or was convinced his hearing was fine. I monitored his every response to sound, convincing myself over and over that he was fine.
So yesterday I was 18months late for the appointment, 18 months of being convinced that J’s hearing was fine. But then I got in there and became quite scared. What if he had reduced hearing in one ear afterall?
The doctor didn’t help when he said even though he might be “deaf”  in one ear he would behave normally and I won’t be able to tell. Who sent him?

The assistant went on to ask if he says words like “go away”, come here”, etc- “NO!!!” Should he??
At the end of the test, we were given the all clear, praise God. His hearing was fine and we were told to return if we noticed anything untoward. No thanks Dr Saffat. The next time I’ll be seeing you will be at my lifetime achievement award, thank you very much!

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  1. lol I love it! Well, not the worry and anticipated bad news but the way you shared what many of us go through and how many of us deal with – well, what we don’t want to deal with. We put it off, draw our own conclusions and finally PANIC! “Who sent him?” – exactly! There’s always someone ill trained to communicate with patients/clients who ends up being the first line of communication with patients/clients. Suckas : )

    I love the blogs!

  2. Exactly! Thanks for reading sis!


  4. Ibiyomi AKA Lara Love: )

    Is this the product of universal healthcare? Let me email President Obama real quick! I’ll write it on a post-it just in case I forget…

    • Seriously, there are benefits to living in the UK. I almost didn’t pay for my gas as I drove to the appointment. I was relentlesly pursued, nearly subpoenaed even to attend. I pretty much got a red carpet treatment as the car park barriers were ceremoniously raised on my approach. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. SERIOUSLY!


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