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Friendship Soured- An ode to a friend lost

So long dear friend. Its been a long ride but the bus stops here.

It’s the toxic fumes of constant sarcasm. The poisonous gases of derision and ridicule.

Then there’s the pungent smell left after a jibe meant to embarrass. Rather than retort I turn a blind eye.

I hope I didn’t bore you during our ride. I hope I was a blessing and in some way positively impacted your life.

I hope when we do meet again time would have bred respect in place of familiarity.

I hope when we meet again we can still be friends.


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  1. Hmmm, so you stopped the bus and kicked your ‘friend’ to the kerb! Way to go sis.

  2. Preach-on sister, i just love that bit about poisonous gases of derision and riddicle bit.

    PS: And do not 4get to release the Holy Ghost fire on them too, or i will tell grand-ma, you know whom i’m referring to, don’t you, uuh?

  3. Ibiyomi AKA Lara Love: )

    Hey, don’t kick me to the curb just yet! I still need to borrow lots and lots of money from you, my dear friend; ) Then after that, you are dismissed!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist: )
    Love you!

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