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It’s precisely 7:25pm. I had 10 items on my to do list and so far I have done 6, yay! The exhilaration I feel as I cross out each task is indescribable. So my solution? I break each task into like 4 e.g;

  • fill VAT form 1
  • fill VAT form 2
  • place VAT forms in envelope
  • apply 1st class stamp
  • post VAT form

Don’t laugh, it works!

Today I spoke with dear friend IJ in Australia. Thankfully she didn’t pay me back in my own coin- I had called her at an ungodly hour a while back. Thanks sis, it was good to chat.  It also feels good to have friends all over the world. I have covered nearly all the continents, I presently don’t have a friend in South America though so if you are reading…

Blogging has blessed me immensely as I am connecting in an amazing way with loved ones. Thanks luvvies for the emails and the comments, sleep tight, I’m off to bed. And I just crossed out another task, yipee!


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    It was great catching up with you, and you’ve been forgiven a loooong time ago for “breaking my sleep”. Thanks for taking the time, until we got ‘interrupted’.

    Great blog, keep it up!



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