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Hobby, rest and play

When God created us, work was not part of His plan for man. I believe He gave Adam a hobby, to look after and have dominion over the garden- earth. The best part is that Adam’s hobby yielded returns so he never had to work- until the fall. And then Jesus came to set us free from the curse of the law.

So I embrace this new day with the joy that comes with my hobby. To source and sell absolutely beautiful furniture and decor for baby and children’s rooms. I have many hobbies, some require more effort than others but ultimately I am fulfilled when it yields results.  I’m quite sure Adam had to work his newly formed muscles from time to time as he climbed his favorite tree to pluck a juicy pawpaw or mango. In the same way I have to engage myself to deal with dreaded paperwork to get to my ultimate goal.

And it better yield results. Today. Amen.


I pray your day is filled with the joy of the Lord that strengthens you to carry out your hobby. I pray your day is fun filled and productive, amen 🙂


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