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So I pulled into an alley in Catford this afternoon along with my sister-in-law, we went to buy some chicken for mummy. As I parked the car, this well dressed brother walked towards the car, staring right at us. When he pulls out his willy to have a pee. IN FRONT OF US!!!! LOOKING AT US!!! The look was like “so?” This chap did not even cup or shield himself.  And he stared at us the whole time too.

He promptly zipped up and walked off.

Why would anyone do that? Hubby dismissed him as a pervert, no biggie, it happens.  That’s easy for him, he doesn’t have to battle with images of someone else’s bits and bobs being stuffed into a cheap pair of pinstripe trousers.

I will NEVER,  EVER even accept a flyer from anyone again, ever. I might even start wearing surgical gloves outside my home. And I just thought of a lucrative business idea- fashionable disposable gloves, with patterns and colors.


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  1. DISGUSTING! I think you should have called the Police. And say what? you might ask.

    911: Which emergency service do you require?
    Tok’s: ARMED FORCES!
    911: Putting you through to the Police
    Tok’s: There is a stupid man pissing on the road!

    Added the apostrophe just to annoy you. Goodnight Sis!

  2. LOL!!! Thankfully he wasn’t doing a number 2

    • I know I shouldnt laugh, but ha ha ha and ha!

      I went on a “you’re-single-he’s-single-so-you-must-let-me-set-u-up” ‘date many moons ago with an African man (I say African, cause I can’t remember which country he was from). Anyway, I had to stop by the club house to drop off something first and he got out of the car too.

      I said, oh, I wont be long, he just waved me off and lo and behold, he headed towards the flower bed, whipped out his bit and handled his business. After which, he got back into the car and I’m sure he didnt have any hand sanitizer.

      We were supposed to be going out to dinner. Of course, that didnt happen. I didnt pretend I was sick – told him that was nasty and pretty much told him to piss off. lol.


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