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Success at any cost?

I work very hard on the business, not because I want it to generate an income, rather I want it to be hugely successful.

A while ago the boys and I visited my cousin who had just flown into London from Chicago. While we chit-chatted with his host -a really nice man, the said host suddenly appeared on TV. He was being interviewed, something that regularly occurs because of the nature of his job. I pointed him out to the boys, It was hilarious the way their big eyes darted first to the T.V and then back at the man, over and over again, mouths wide open as they peered to make sure it realy was him. Perhaps they didn’t believe me. Perhaps they wondered how he could be in their midst, in a house and at the same time on the T.V?

This man is a human rights activist so needless to say our conversation turned to the “plight” in Gambia. First of all I didn’t even know Gambia had a “plight” I tried hard to feign interest while all I really cared about was getting PP on TV. “How, oh how do I bring up my concerns about exposure of my business purely for profit making while we discussed the exposure of the atrocious Gambian president- without branding myself as insensitive?”

I left really pleased about my education on Gambia, Nigeria and other African countries and what Amnesty international is doing to help. I left considering my own selfishness in my own little world and how we all have a part to play in assisting the other man or woman beside us. I was also glad that my quest for success had not yet seared any feelings of benevolence and that it was not too late to start.

Lord I thank you for the many gifts that you have placed within me. I pray that I use them selflessly to glorify you and to bless the people around me, for the gifts are not mine to keep, but to pass on. Amen.

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  1. Good piece. If you continue in this manna you may be nominated for the “Josiah Martins” award……..

    Regarding paragraph 3, next time just hone-in on your God given Nigerian instincts and put forth your request – LoL

    God Bless you richly and abundantly – Amen

    • I think I already have! I look at the award each time I sit down to post a blog:)
      U can be sure I did ask and he promised to set me up hope it leads to good things. Have a blessed day and thanks for reading as always!

  2. Gambian plight? All I know about Gambia is their exquisite hair plaiting, lovely beaches, and scrumptious food. Plus i was exploring the idea of getting an au pair from there. Hmm, i obviously need to get with the times. Good on you for asking him, nothing like coincidence for His people.

  3. What dragged me to be an activist is pain and love for my people. The real me is embedded in activism. My Lord appeared to me twice when i was fasting asking him who i was and he told me audible that i will challenge authorities, he will send me to face them and will protect me, in doing this he will bless me. It took me four years of indecision to start, since i started through write ups, i have discovered a new me, a passion, I have also had business opportunities and breakthrough that were just not there before. I have been invited to speak in different parts of the world that i am yet to do though. I feel blessed to be fighting for the common man even though God has blessed me. Success comes to following your calling is all i can ascribe.


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