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Who are you? hoo, hoo, hoo hoo!

I really wanna know… Okay, I’ll stop singing. Last night some dear friend sent me a text saying” guess who this is?” and “What’s your landline number”? It was close to midnight and I was up so after replying to the text, I grabbed the phone waiting. Patiently. It is nearly midnight on the morrow and my friend still hasn’t called. It was a Georgia number and I have my suspicions as to who she (or he) may be and I have narrowed it down to four possible friends but I refuse to break. I’ll stay strong and wait. Patiently. And I know you’ll call. Soon.

I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Totally unrelated, but reading the title reminded me of CSI, and how much I used to enjoy watching it. Maybe it was ‘a rainy night in Georgia’, and he/she decided to ‘ring your bell’. Anyways.

  2. Maybe she/he changed her mind. They didn’t want me to see their “True Colours”, I know they did not call to spread “Rumours”. Oh well I guess I can’t “blame it on the sunshine, or blame it on the moonlight”, they could simply have called to “reach out and touch”
    This IS fun!

  3. Maybe she didnt get your text silly!

  4. There isn’t a song for that, so I ain’t buying that excuse. Love ya!


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