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What Are You Reading?

I love to read good books. Emphasis on good. I learnt the hard way not to judge a book by its cover when I read a bestselling book by a very well known TV personality. It set me back $25 and by the time I was halfway I still didn’t know if I was done reading the foreword or indeed what the book was about.

I admit to being biased when I say I’m currently reading Success Magazine. Truth is I am always reading Success. At the moment I am hugging four issues from the current year. All are dog-eared and I guard them ferociously. In fact I’d go as far as saying you stand a better chance taking one of my boys out for the day than taking my Success Mag out my bedroom door.

I first read this gold-dust-in-paper-format in 2006. I read and re-read it and told EVERYONE about it. Suddenly and without warning it disappeared off the shelves and I was devastated. Success Magazine then got re-launched last year and I am still reeling from the excitement. I urge you to subscribe to this amazing material.  It covers real life success stories, not the sugar-coated type. It celebrates virtues like hard work , integrity and perseverance in work-life. You get an audio version of the mag on CD as well as, get this- book summaries. They select timeless bestsellers from authors like Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey, Andrew Carnegie, etc, the real stuff.  You can subscribe online at a discount here . Then there are the free audio interviews. Like the one where bestselling author Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup for the Soul fame said his manuscript for the bestselling series was turned down 150 times by publishers. Or when talk show host Montel Williams shared about his ongoing battle with multiple sclerosis, did you know he once attempted suicide?

I rarely write to the editor, but I made an exception here. And they’ll be publishing my comments in the December issue, yay! I shamelessly begged for some free publicity by asking them to include my website address beneath my name. They didn’t reply. There’s just no pleasing some people!  🙂

Besides my daily read of Success, I’m currently reading Michelle Obama’s Biography. Now I know why they call Chicago’s South Side, The South Side. More later.

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  1. Jack Canfield got turned down 150 times? No way! I’ll have to remember that when I start sending out manuscripts…..Delay truly does not mean denial.

  2. There is this saying, that you can’t keep doing the same old things, and expect to get a different result. So I’ll start reading ‘Success’, cos I’m ready for change. in the meantime, Carribean Food Made Easy by Levi Roots is ticking all the right boxes with me 🙂

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  4. Books shape a person, what one reads is so important. A person that does not read is stale in life and has little information to rely on. I read success stories, autobiographies of successful people. I am aiming to be a billionaire if God permits so i read financial magazines. I read stock manuscripts but my most favorable book is the Bible.


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