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In Adulation of Weight Gain

Somethings you just can’t hide, like being pregnant. I first noticed I was struggling to fit into my clothes about four months ago. My jeans were noticeably tighter and I even dug out my old jeans that had previously “grown” too big for me, it fit. Blouses were tighter and my appetite soared and changed too. I started craving Alpen and yes more rice and fried plantain. No, I’m not pregnant.
I have finally started to put the weight on. I say finally because for most of my life I have wanted to be er..bigger (must be PC even on my own blog, gasp!) I have filled out nicely, my figure is comparable to a full-figured fifties’  model and I am loving it! You should have seen me at my favourite clothes store the other day proudly asking the assistant; “Do these come any larger?” I have now joined the ranks of those who say “Hmm.. that doesn’t fit” or “Does my bum look big in this?” Only I say “Hope my bum looks big in this”. Hubby calls me rolling Toks- as in they’ll need to start rolling me around since I won’t be able to walk. I love it. When I run into friends, I give them the 2 minute limit then ask  if they noticed I was significantly larger (here it goes again). And that’s when my bubble gets popped. Some deny and say no, not really. Others go to such great lengths to remind me that it is absolutely fine. I have 4 children, I still look good, I have tried etc. That isn’t exactly the response I was hoping for. A simple “yes you have and it suits you” will suffice. I had one such conversation early this week with an older lady.

Her: You look very good for a mom of four, how did you lose the weight?

Me: Thanks.  This is  me after I put the weight on, I reply with pride.

Her: No, you’re not overweight.

Me: (Don’t you listen?)  I know I’m not overweight, I’m just saying I have put on some weight in recent months, I love it.

Her: No, I still think you look good, don’t say that.

Me: (Slightly frustrated. She’s older so I can’t call her names) I KNOW I look good, I always wanted to put on weight and now that I have, I am happy.

Her: What are the age gaps between your kids?

I tell her

Her: So you had time to diet in between.

Needless to say I gave up at this point and went on to find my next target who will acknowledge to me how good I look with the extra fat I’m carrying.

When did it become a taboo to be shapely? I guess we owe our thanks to Twiggy who put having a woman’s body out of fashion for us chics. Ugh!


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  1. Mmmmmmmmmm!

    Are you really sure you ain’t pregnant with the girl we’ve all been waiting for, uuh?

  2. I have my girls. They are unbelieveably beautiful and I see them each time I look at Amy and Jezeniah and Ore and Kiki…don’t get me started!

  3. LOL! Enjoy the new hips and thighs (and whatever else your extra adipose tissue blesses you with). Heaven knows it seems I’ve probably got some I could ‘give’ away 🙂

    But to be honest, some ‘cuddliness’ gives one a sort of ‘womanliness’, if I could describe it as such.

  4. I Agree 100%, Thanks sis! And I’ve seen your pic, you don’t need to “give any away”. You are just fine : )

  5. You are welcome to some of my extra weight. Anytime.

  6. I am you are finally gaining weight! You have been a twig for too long!

  7. Thank you Kennie, just what I want to hear!

  8. Hi Toks,

    I’m a friend of Justjoxy and a fellow blogger - (Notice the subtle self-advertising).

    I’ve been reading through your blog and it’s really good. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

    On this post, I wish we could swap places. Inspite of my regular attendance at the gym and what I hope is a healthy diet, the weight is shifting only ever so slightly and slowly.

    Enjoy the new figure and keep writing!

    • Thank you wordsmythe!! I’m glad you have enjoyed the blog. You see compliments like these keep my head in proportion to my growing body, so do come back to post more. As for the weight thing, we have started to get concerned. And as for your trips to the gym, I bet you only do that to keep fit! I’m off to your blog…

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