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Toks Reborn.

I hate to budget. I don’t like to pre-allocate my funds before it is spent. It makes me feel restricted, caged even. That’s just how God made me. Hubby on the other hand is all in favor of budgeting, I can’t understand it.  He likes to know what’s going to happen before it does. To me that’s like watching a movie backwards. God made me adventurous and full of fun, I like the spontaneity life offers. 

So when I recently faced up to the fact that budgeting was essential in order to move forward, it felt like the death of  Toks. The realisation came when said subject’s life was haphazardly spinning out of control. I mean its one thing for things to spin out of control, It is quite another to not even know where it is spinning towards. I am not a big spender, but I always happen to find things  I need and  possibly can’t do without.  When I look at my purchases, not one was unnecessary although I’d admit to some being impulsive.

It’s the same with time. I start my day on an excited note usually. I have my quiet time and then get the boys off to school. Afterwards I excersise- today I went jogging. Okay it was fast paced walking. Then I shower and have my cup of extra strong coffee while reading an article from Success magazine. I always read something inspiring, could be a devotional or a newsletter from someone like Dan Miller (48 Hours). By this time I am so revved up, you would think I can physically move mountains. I get really pumped up as I have my first treat of the day- checking emails on my Blackberry. The Blackberry thing deserves a post all by itself, coming soon. I go through my emails, there are those that are important but not exciting, and then there are the exciting but unimportant, still there are the emails that are neither. Like the company in China offering to sell me a container load of baby furniture. Which ones do I address first? The unimportant ones, yep because they are exciting. As if the inspirational cocktail I just consumed was not enough. These emails I describe as my hydra ones since they grow in many different directions. A simple email like this will lead me to a company that sells beautiful products, then I begin negotiations with them, bear in mind that all of this is unplanned. We go back and forth negotiating and then we reach an agreement. I am still excited. I open up an account, and that’s when the hard work begins and pauses to be revisited sometime in the future. Anyway, that was so not on today’s list. I have new accounts that are yet to be touched because I did not allocate time for them. So why do I then go in search of more work? I tell you that is how God made me.

 One phone call to Virgin Media to set up a direct debit will ensure I am not paying £10 every month in late payment charges. A quick call to Vonage will make sure I am on the right tariff and not paying more than I should on my home phone line. £6 in an envelope and given to any of the boys will eliminate the nagging headache that promptly appears after school hours, that is when I tend to remember I haven’t paid the contribution towards the mathematics software subscription.

Do you see why I need to budget my time and money? I am an effervecence junkie addicted to being high yet I have a sneaky feeling I just might enjoy this budgeting thing. I started by creating a meal plan on excel the other day. You should see me staring into space daily as I wonder what to cook for dinner. I was brought up to not have the same meal back to back from one day to the next, so I guess Mom is to blame for all this. Like the need to have rice on Sundays, bless her heart. Well all that staring into space has been eliminated now,thanks to my time table- oh and it’s rice today.

There are some changes I will not be making though, like the need to post on Pawpaw and Mango Blog whenever the heck I feel like it. I should be busy packaging a Magic Mushroom Lamp for a customer in order to keep within our prescribed “5 day delivery” promise, but blog I must- first. Then I’ll budget. He will get the lamp on the 4th day.


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  1. I hear you. Here’s to budgeting 🙂

  2. Toks! Toks!! How many times did I call u? 🙂 I religiously budget, even before pay day. I cannot afford NOT to budget. Knowing what goes where & when, and how much I have left after the essentials have been paid so that I can enjoy my remaining ‘jara’ with a free conscience, gives me so much peace of mind that I cannot trade it for anything. I will fret myself to death otherwise. I guess it’s a habit that’s became essential over the years as a lone dweller. It’s a learned skill, so give yourself time to adapt.
    As for time management 🙂 well I really shouldn’t be writing this now as I have a work submission waiting… Naughty me!! 🙂 LOL

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