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Little Miss Know It All.

I attended my business class today. You know how you always have that one person in class who knows it all? Well ours is a straight-haired girl named Carol.

Every question asked, rhetoric or realistic was answered by her. She, by the way asked all the questions too. People like that irritate me. Not always though as they tend to be the source of amusement in boring classes. This one didn’t entertain me today because it was just one of those days, I simply wasn’t in the mood. Know-it-alls have similar characteristics. They tend to be talkers. They have this insatiable desire to air their views, to say that they love the sound of their own voice is a gross underestimation which does them no justice.

They are also quite knowledgeable on the subject, hence the title. And if you try to catch them, they will counter your opposition by dragging a new subject into the old, and by the time you know it you are chasing your own tail.

I think know-it-alls (KIA) are also insecure, so they have to support their egos with knowledge. This one supported hers with knowledge, manicured nails, straight hair and a quantity surveyor boyfriend who although he is not on the course, by the end of the evening we were all very well acquainted with him. I bet I can tell you where all his birthmarks are.

These annoying breed IMO don’t have a ton of friends, but surprisingly do not care. Their knowledge is their friend.

Perhaps it was a good thing I wasn’t in a good mood today. I may have spent the evening devising a plan to bring Miss Straight Hair back down to earth including her high-heeled boots and missed out on a valuable lesson. I may have spent more time writing about Miss KIA instead of moving forward and chucking it down to life’s experiences.

The class concluded with her letting me know the reason she missed last week’s class on marketing is because she would have ended up in front as the lecturer. Ohhh yeah, she’s that good.

I ain’t hating, just venting, thanks for reading!


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  1. Toks, had a good chuckle while reading this. I could relate to how you felt about Miss Straight Hair, right down to her manicured nails. Hope you’re in a better mood now :).

  2. There’s a time for everything….. a time to suck it in, and a time to vent.

  3. Those ITKs can really be full of S***, i am feeling you, this particular one is so good she has even gotten herself a QS husband, sorry you can’t fault her their though – LoL!!


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