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Blackberry Bold, a Proper Noun

I am totally in love with my Blackberry Bold! Hubby isn’t smiling, he has accused me of spending more time with it than him. Sadly he is right.

My social life was suffering greatly as I couldn’t bear to be more than 20 minutes away from my laptop. I apologise if you are one of those  who had to endure my rudeness when I walked into your house and helped myself to your computer, sometimes without asking.  I stopped going out- choosing to remain glued to my pc instead. So when hubby suggested there was a better way to do things, the choice fell between the iPhone and the Blackberry.

After my research, I rightly concluded Research in Motion developed their phone for people who needed immediate access to their all-important emails. Picture Donald Trump and every successful business man or woman.  Michelle and Barack both use Blackberry too. And iPhone? well I picture urban, trendy, I-love-my-music-and-I’m-in-sync-with-the-latest-fashions. Blackberry = Success, iPhone = fashion accessory. Sorry iPhoners, don’t hate its just my opinion.

Do bear in mind that I have never owned a smart phone and the features I have  used so far is only a tiny fraction of what this amazing piece of equipment can actually do. If the Blackberry were a car, it’ll be a Rocket. Yes a R-o-c-k-e-t.

Okay! The first thing that blew my mind was that instead of chasing my emails, they were chasing me! My reaction? Oyinbo don crase! (Broken English very loosely translated – the creators of this thing are mad) The email notification is adjusted to bleep when I get a business email and the flashing red light when it’s a personal mail. I sometimes see that flashing light and feel the trackball under my thumb in my sleep.

There are at least a thousand applications, and I currently have facebook, The Bible and the AJC- Atlanta Journal Constitution. No doubt there are tons more I could use but we’ll do things poco-a-poco, let’s not get things too complicated here.

I discover something new almost daily, like when I called Bola and her picture promptly showed up on the screen, I did not upload that so where did it come from?  It took me a moment to realise that it was linked to facebook. 

Word, Excel and Adobe are all part of the package, an excel file on a tiny computer screen! I can also have QuickBooks if I want to be a sorry workaholic.

Needless to say my Blackberry doubles as an iPod, only better because I can now listen to music without the earplugs. Talking about earplugs, BB’s are sound proof. They plug deep into your ears and leave out all external noise, plus they are soft and comfy.

BB’s screen is very hi res so there are no compromises when you watch anything. I watched two episodes of Lie to me on my BB in a hotel room in Paris where all TV channels were in French. I missed nothing. The sound is crystal clear.

Internet access is fast and very user-friendly, you can easily highlight a phone number and call while surfing the net. Your browsing history gets saved and life suddenly becomes a breeze.  I chat with my brother almost daily as he is also a successful Blackberry user, we use the Blackberry messenger app, owners only. All in all Blackberry is for serious emailers and texters thanks to the full QWERTY keyboard, I play wordmole while on the queue at gas stations and supermarkets. Suddenly everything has a purpose!

And that’s why Blackberry is a proper noun, please don’t make the mistake of writing iPhone with a capital ‘I‘.

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  1. This has to be my favorite because I must have read it at least 5 times. Cracks me up every time. All of you and your crack berries. But you have to admit the iphone has way way way more apps. xoxo

  2. He he! Now I wonder what I’m s’possed to do with an autotune app? Or the GottoGo app which is designed to get you out of a bad date? But you are right, sooooo many apps.

    My favorite post has got to be between “Mustapha” and “What’s in a name?”

    Thanks sis for reading and commenting, it certainly keeps me blogging.

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