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Rain, Rain

It rained today.

The world got washed while I slept just so that I could breathe in fresh, clean air on a bright new day. Thank you Jesus for a beautiful new day!

Whatever the challenges I face, I had a whole brand new day today and it smelt nice and was free from pollution.  Whenever it rains it is as though the previous day got washed away and a new day begins. I feel a calming peace as I start out with this new slate, wiped clean just for me. And yesterday’s unsolved problems are taken care of with new solutions and brand new energy.

Is it just me or do you also see clearer on a newly washed day? I thought so! Have a trully blessed day 🙂

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  1. I don become millionaire sis help me thank God

  2. i will start writing a book like you advised i have the money to publish it now

  3. Praise God!!!!
    And kudos to you, I don’t need to ask what you’ll be writing on, I already know and it will be a bestseller IJMN Amen!

  4. Thanks sis, i believe in your confidence, i will take it as a challenge.


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