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Playing God

The whole timetable thingy has been a huge success. You may remember from a previous post where I finally admitted that I needed to budget my time and money. So I started with a weekly meal planner which features my family’s favourite meals. On each day I have about three options- hard, not so hard and dead easy to fit in nicely with my mood or energy levels for the day. I shop for the week knowing exactly what we’ll be eating throughout the week.  Hubby isn’t picky and most of the time is happy with whatever I cook. Occasionally I get the ‘Nah, I’m not feeling that Toks’ . On those days I give him the impression that he actually has a choice. This is when I pull out my other 2 options and he decides. Or so he thinks. As for the kids they don’t have a preference- that’s African parenting for you. There is no “Sweetheart what will you like to eat?” Instead it is “What is that meal you hate so much? Rice and Broccoli Stew? You better clean your plate, I’ll be watching you because that’s what we’re having!”.

Some African Parents love to play God. They decide what their children will study at school. Who they will get married to and when. They plan the wedding, pick the colours and decide on the guest list.  Actually this happens in many cultures. In some cases they even name the children borne out of the marriage, I have a cousin who loathes his own son’s name because his parents chose the name.

So it is with great pride that I preside over my family’s nutrition and choice of meals, even when they think they are exercising their own judgement, it isn’t really the case. Heck I even control their thoughts!

Like the X-factor drama. For my non-UK readers this is the UK’s version of American Idol. Viewers were made to think that they decided on which act stayed and which one was voted off, until Sunday when the two horrors by the name of John and Edward where “voted” to remain on the show. Word is that the results were rigged and Simon has secretly supported those two from the beginning. Poor Simon.

There are rules about playing God. For one don’t protest too much. You don’t want to risk having to make a decision that goes completely against the crusade you have been running. To go from “these boys are horrific, I will leave the country if they win” to “I-I-I  can’t decide” is a banned u-turn and there are cameras everywhere.

So when I take my throne as she-who-cooks-whatever-she-absolutely-wants-to-and-you-must-eat-it, you will not catch me protesting too much when child number 3 tells me he hates fish and don’t I remember that he is allergic to it? I will gently coax him and convince him that tuna is not fish. It’s just another type of seafood. After all I can’t please everyone, I’m not God.

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  1. Dear Goddess,

    I see you are at again, uuh!!!

    Enjoy it while it last my dear.

    Stay blessed.

  2. All cultures play god with their kids but Nigeria’s is more pronounced. To go against such dictates by parents is to look like a rebel or to be less loved. Time and time again i do thank God i did not get married quickly or that i had it rough after a very very smooth child hood. I now understand that every kid has his own unique gift that should be noticed early and encouraged through the right subjects. it is a waste for a child who likes to dismantle toys and try to rearrange it to study art, he is an engineer in the making, or a child that likes keeping stocks of things in shops or at home not to study account related subjects.

    The question i do ask is if we have to say the truth would we say our parents were totally right, i guess we will all accept they faltered sometimes. I am a better big brother and i am more approachable by my younger siblings than any of my brothers or cousins of my age group or older because the younger ones notice how i see things and my experience to be far different for the conventional thinking of the rest of the family.

    American Idol is just good to watch because one sees real talents and most time the top ten are just too good, but the voting pattern and decision making falls short of who is deserving most times. Your write ups provokes thinking and that is the best part of being a writer, keep it up sis.

  3. Michael, we are on the same page! It’s funny because at the moment I constantly drum it into the children’s ears that they each have their own unique gifts and talents which can easily be identified by what they love to do. Plus those talents are not limited to one or two, they are so plentiful that if we missed out along the way through wrong decisions, we can easily pick up again at another point choosing from the plethora of gifts. God doesn’t want us to live a life of regret so our path is sprinkled with lots of opportunities. Isn’t God good?

  4. So true sister, once a parent understands this then all is well with a child’s future. I am still waiting for the writing tenses you promised. Stay blessed.

  5. X Factor. Simon exercised his right to choose. And he saved Jedward. The public voted, and chose to save Jedward too. Arise Sir Cowell. Lol.

  6. That’s the official story. How can we be sure the public vote counted? Still I must pay homage to Sir Cowell, despite the outcry X-Factor was watched by 16 million viewers. Some boycott!


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