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Employment 102

Here’s some more of my work history as promised.

Wimpy wasn’t so bad. I loved their hot dogs which the workers were proud to call ‘benders’. A classic breakfast consisted of fried eggs, bacon, fries and a bender.  Now I had told Marcel, the restaurant manager that my previous experience was at McDonald’s. The way his eyes lit up made me realize that in his opinion taking this job was a step down the job hierarchy. He offered me the job on the spot. I was ecstatic. My only prior experience with McDonald’s was ordering food, to which the sales assistants would respond “Eat in or take away?” To prove my imaginary experience was in fact real I took to asking every customer at Wimpy  “eat in or take away?” That frustrated Marcel to no end as he got tired of telling me Wimpy was not McDonald’s, it was a “real” restaurant and most customers would eat in. I now see the illogicality  of asking someone purchasing eggs, sausage and bacon if they wanted to take it away. Sorry Marcel!

McDonald’s. I actually worked here after Wimpy! At the interview I was given my uniform and told to begin work the next day. My classmate- Chris told me to apply because the hours were flexible, perfect for a student. I wonder where Chris is now? He was a truly sweet friend. On day one I arrived at work ready to get introduced to the fryers, cold rooms and so on. The manager showed me the staff room to get ready, it was at that point I realized that I forgot my uniform at home. 3 hours later I returned with my uniform and was told to mop the large golden arches just outside. Problem: What if any of my classmates saw me in that less than dignifying position? Next I was introduced to the fryers. I was to fry half a bag of chicken nuggets, which I very quickly did. At McDonald’s you are not allowed to be idle even for a second. As there was nothing else to do I thought it would be nice to keep frying the nuggets. So I fried and I fried and I fried. It was no small commotion when a couple of the staff saw what I was doing and quickly alerted the manager. Apparently it is sacrilege to fry up to one bag at a time, I had fried more than two and now everything had to be thrown away because their policy is to serve “freshly prepared food”.

My McDonald’s job lasted one week. It was the mopping of the logo outside that did it.

By the way I now make all my sausages like benders! Works particularly well with hot-dogs. You make incisions at regular intervals across the length of the sausage and when you fry it, it bends into a ‘C’ or an ‘O’, hence the name.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. very interesting work history!

  2. He- he! Thanks for reading Dr Femi!

  3. You’ve got me falling off my chair with this one. My first job when I got into this country was with tesco and after that it was the Royal Mail. Not to mention the kitchen satff work i had to do in between. I just laugh when I think of it.

    Well done Toks!

  4. Folake thanks for reading AND commenting! I would have kicked someone’s behind to work at Tesco 🙂
    Thank God we can look back and laugh, life is indeed a journey isn’t it?

  5. My first real Job outside football was as a casino dealer, you had to good in mathematics, good in shuffling cards and arranging them in styles, you have to know how to arrange chips into stacks. The job was only night, i did for three months in Accra and earned good pay, but i had a beef with my Chinese supervisor because of a Chinese client who wanted to make me look stupid. when they corresponded in Chinese laughing at me i reacted by speaking my language and calling them flat beings because they both were slim. What happened? of course i was told to go on suspension, i left and never went back to that job. The good side is i learned what it means to make client keep coming back.

  6. Thanks for sharing Michael. I love the fact that you were able to learn from that. I believe that you can learn from absolutely anything you go through, afterall the book of Proverbs in The Bible is all a collection of real life happenings.

  7. This had me laughing so hard, I had to go back and read the first one and then the previous one etc. LOL. Nice blog.

  8. Thanks for reading mynewhitman, looking forward to your’s!


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