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Spoiled Brat!

You’ll probably conclude by the end of this post that I was raised a spoiled brat, I wasn’t!

My worst Christmas as a child occurred when I was about 8. This was the year I saw my present before Christmas day. My parents went the extra mile at birthdays and Christmas to make sure those days were special. We usually had a party for our birthdays and we always celebrated the end of the year with an end-of-year party. It was huge. We’re talking stacks of chairs being delivered, tents put up and tons of kids from the neighborhood were invited. Our presents were usually grand too, nearly as grand as our tree which was decorated not in any particular theme or colour way but instead was a potpourri of every imaginable color, shape and size of bubble. Even wall decorations went on the tree, anything in fact so long as it was shiny and Christmassy.

So when Mr Michael showed mummy this unique brand new, must-have-since-no-one-else-had-it gift, mum was absolutely chuffed. On Christmas morning we rushed to the tree to open our presents. All we got was the white tee-shirt that said “Smile, it’s a happy New Year“. The same one I witnessed Mr. Michael showing mum days earlier. The large circle in the middle had the individual’s name on it. Smile Toks, it’s a Happy New Year. That was my Christmas present. I think what spoiled things wasn’t just the present but the fact that I saw it before the day, ruining any chance of  a surprise. Needless to say, I wasn’t smiling. Personalised tee-shirts were a fad that was just beginning, at least in my neck of the woods. I was miserable the whole day, it didn’t help that every member of our household and every worker had the same top, they were all very happy and wore their’s with pride.

Thankfully these days waking up alive is a present in itself, bigger and more valuable than any gift I can imagine. I am in good health and in my right mind. I am filled with joy, I believe the word of God, I have a great family and I’m blessed with good friends.

May your Christmases be many and blessed!

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  1. Merry Christmas Toks 🙂


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