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It has been a very interesting last couple of months. I disappeared without any notice of my er.. vacation. Truth is I have actually been busy growing. I didn’t go out looking for growth, it sort of handpicked me. Growth is a euphemism for challenges because we grow when we are pushed and pulled in all directions and before you know it you are so stretched that your capacity increases. God is totally awesome, I hope to share when the time is right as my journal has borne enough of the brunt of my musings. I do however thank you for coming back to read, and I apologize you were met with the same old story of my dentist who may have by now moved to Harley street- designer glasses, boots and all. Best of luck to her!

Now unto my next post…

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  1. Hi Sweetie,

    It has been awhile since i last paid your blog site a visit, like you i have been hen-pecked for growth too……..

    I see you have redecorated, new colours….

    Hmmmmmmmm Freshness.

    Keep up the good work.

    That Abiku stuff does not seem to comply with the concept of death then heaven or hell. It seems to suggest that if you can’t make it into heaven and you do not like the look of hell, then why not go back to earth and repeat the class again; maybe next time you’ll make heaven, uuh!

    There is something purely unholy about it, nevertheless, i can not claim any expertise in this subject matter.

    Love to your warrior clan members.

    Stay blessed.

    • I’ve missed you too! Thanks for reading and sharing. I know it is rather disturbing. I actually nearly deleted this post as it seemed to pollute pawpaw and mango. Nevertheless it’s good to hear your perspective on it, very funny too! Growth is good- painful but good. Look forward to seeing the new you and thanks for the compliments. Have a truly blessed day!


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