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Tongue Tied

Even I have to admit, a July 19th post is wayyy too long ago! A plea by IJ this morning and I knew I couldn’t carry on this AWOL thingy. I know we’ve all been busy but unlike you I only get  24 hrs per day, each hour is remarkably shortened by 4 children and hubby.

Child # 3 has a habit of leaving his mouth slightly agape. Having gone from prodding to gentle threats and then down right blackmail, I finally ended up showing him a video on YouTube to back up my promise to take him for surgery to reduce the size of his tongue. When I did the search I seriously did not expect to find anything in pictures let alone a video. But alas, there is such a thing as tongue cutting. So I screened it first and showed him about 5 seconds of it. My only disappointment was that the “patient” wasn’t screaming in pain.

You see I want my children to do well in life. So I explained to child # 3 that  in life you are judged by your appearance before you even get a chance to show the great person on the inside. Child #1 quickly reminded me that haven’t I told them never to judge a book by its cover? To which I responded, “yes, but people do judge you by your appearance. For instance no matter how nice your brother looks in his suit when he goes for a job interview, the tongue sticking out thing just won’t fly”.

But didn’t you say that we’ll one day have our own companies? That we’ll be our own boss? Like you?

You see this child 1 has always done this to me. When he was four #2 was naughty and I got him to face the wall. Child #1 asked; “Mum can God see my brother?”  Naively I responded, “of course He can”.

“But you said God can’t look at sin, which is why he turned his face away from Jesus while He was on the cross”.

Or the day he wanted to know why God the father didn’t do the dying on the cross himself, why did He have to send his son to do it?

Tongue tied.

Thank you for reading and being patient while I negotiate on longer days and longer nights for Toks!


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  1. Tongue cutting? Na you biko. Only you coulda thought of googling such a bizarre thing. And how come you’ve only got 24 hours in a day? Where were you when the rest of us were getting more? Welcome back to blogsville me dearie.

  2. Lol! Thanks!! These days I drive past the Dr’s surgery and he promptly closes his mouth. All I need to say at other times is “I see your tongue” It’s working!!!

  3. Lol Kid #1 is so intelligent. Your kids are funny. I would have been tongue-tied as well.

  4. Sis, you had me laughing out loud at the office. Children! They think they know so much…LOL!!! The tongue outside the mouth is sooo funny! I love your scared tactics: ) That’s right, let them know before the world teases them so much that they have no chose but to stop.

    • I’m glad you approve sis! A friend told me her brother stopped leaving his mouth open after he was given braces. The shame of wearing braces outside the USA kept his mouth closed for life!
      You actually commented?? Miss you loads and thanks!

  5. Hey Toks,

    I’m so pleased you’re blogging again. I have enjoyed reading.

    As for those little people, may the good Lord continue to give us loads of grace to handle them with wisdom.

    My 4 year old asked just a couple of days after he’d asked for something and I’d responded in the negative, “why do you always say no, mummy?.”

    You cannot imagine how pained (and tongue tied) I was seeing as I consider myself the more objective parent.

    Or when he points to a certain part of my anatomy and asks if they’re for milk. Tongue tied.

    Or when he walked into my sister’s house and declared “this house is terrible!” Tongue tied.

    Or when he asked what’s for dinner while we were visiting a friend and on being told it was rice, to my horror and embarrassment declared “boring!”

    And the list of tongue tying moments goes on!

    • LOL!!!!! I can imagine! It’s funny because a lot of the battles we face as mothers happen in the mind. Like your hosts thinking you didn’t bring up your child properly, and every child knows they should be thankful for food rather than complain rice is boring! Isn’t it funny how their own kids have probably never uttered such words in your own home? Bless children!

      Thank you for reading, it’s an incentive to keep writing!

  6. Sorry that should have read ‘My 4 year old asked just a couple of days ago…’

  7. Welcome back darling 🙂 Another fantastic read! As usual you do not dissappoint 🙂

    What canI say? I love your kids (Come to think of it, I think they take after you when it comes to ‘smart remarks’) LOL! 🙂

    I’m sure they also will be Directors of their own companies, well-informed Christians, with minds as sharp as tack pins (just like Mummy)

    A fruit does not fall far from the tree Toks!

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