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The Men in My Life

Writing about my scare tactics on child 3’s tongue issue reminded me about an incident following a great book I read years ago. I think we’ll have to become more creative with my children’s  pseudo names. Going by their birth positions is boring! (to borrow the wordsmythe’s son’s descriptive word).

Child #1 will henceforth be referred to as The Creative One. He is artistic, loves to write and is a brilliant actor. He is also very empathetic, emotional and sincere. He’s a deep thinker and incredibly mature for his age. Did I mention that he is empathetic? It appears he has the ability to read thoughts, especially sad ones and he’ll be there for you, always.

Child #2 is The Sports Fanatic. That says it all, he is good in sports and he knows it. He is also fashion conscious. Sporty was the one who at the tender age of 2 would throw a tantrum if his jeans did not have pockets on the sides. He has recently decided that hats is his “Thing”. Like Usher and Toby mac he wants to be known as a man (boy) with excellent tastes in hats. Maybe we should call him Hat Boy. When he was four we noticed a growing obsession with spiders. All four boys are nature lovers and have always collected bugs, but this was different. He’d pick the spiders and let them crawl all over him. His brother finally explained that he was hoping for a bite so he could become spiderman.

Child #3 is The Musically Talented one. He plays the piano and has an ear for music. I can comfortably and unreservedly compare his voice to Michael Jackson’s- unbelievably sweet. I think of Lionel Richie when I hear him play. If you like, disagree, I refuse to get into a wordpress banter with you. This same child is talkative to the power of 10. Maybe we should call him The Talker. Then again maybe not, we want to confess positive words over his life. On second (or third) thoughts, we can call him The Talker since he will address nations. Then again, Musical…oh I don’t know, you decide!

Child #4. Hmm, this one’s a tough one. We don’t know what he’ll be yet. He talks, kicks, jumps, shouts, flies- that’s it, Batman! He’s the one that chose to call a sweet baby girl at the grocery store 2 days ago “disgusting baby”. Over and over again, very loudly for all to hear. There was nowhere to hide, run or duck.

Hubby, we might keep as Hubby for now. For the simple reason that he recently signed up on facebook and I’m seeing a different side to him. This person who until a few days ago thumped his nose up to fb users as though we were the scum of the good earth and he was the one going places in life is now an avid facebooker. He didn’t even tell me he was signing up. I simply got a friend request. Imagine that? Of course convinced someone was using his name fraudulently I called him and gingerly told him I got a friend request from him. I was trying to break the news gently to him that his name had been linked with a dirty word. And that he shouldn’t worry, there are “measures” we could take to identify and destroy the culprit. Now he calls me every 5 minutes regardless of where I may be in the house to ask how to do this and how to do that.  Hubby has become something else, I’m not sure I know this guy. Names like  A- squared, Micky Chicks, Micky Roy, Sir Kay, Mentalo, Hills, Prince and Dignity are now the buzz words in my home. Bellowing laughter, phonecalls to Nigeria, USA and beyond, phrases like we must meet up, LOTS of pidgin English and eighties slangs are now the order of the day along with countless stories about wicked seniors and teachers and other boarding house tactics. Can you see why we don’t have a name for him yet? I estimate metamorphosis will be complete sometime before Christmas, I hope I am not being naive.  It feels so good to see him hook up with his old buddies and laugh so much. Watch this space.

Thank you for reading, do come back!

PS: I never got round to telling you about the incident following the book I read, now you really must come back!


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  1. Toks,
    I think I’m going to miss you referring to your children in chronological order of birth but I’ll try to be open-minded and see how the new monikers go.

    Having said that ‘Sporty Hat boy’ and ‘the musically talented talker’ are quite a mouthful (or would that be mouthfuls?).

    I look forward to reading about the incident following your reading a great book.

  2. I agree wordsmythe, those are mouthfuls (sigh!) what’s a girl to do?
    Thanks for reading! (listening to Luther Vandross- Take you out) ;D

  3. Toks, the day my Hubby goes on FB, that may likely be the premonition of some major world event! I’m not even allowed to post any pics I’ve taken with him on my own FB!

    Methinks Child 1 & 2 probably have a really healthy dose of your genes/make up. (It’s the combo of the the creative, emphathy, sports, and animal thingy).

    Thanks for writing 🙂

  4. Months late…sorry! You are too sweet IJ. Can’t wait till you and oga start churning them out and we can play “guess who they inherited this from?”

  5. I only just discovered your blog. Thoroughly enjoyed this post, especially the sweet ribbing that still goes on between you and your Hubby. I will be back for more!


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