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So I’ve stolen a few moments to do an amebo (gossip) on today so far on the upcoming business blog. If you have any great ideas on what I should name it do share!

The DHL man cracked a smile today! If you read the last post you’ll see why this is worth mentioning. There is some sort of glitch in the system so that his manifest doesn’t show all our collections for the day. This means he has to create one by painstakingly writing out each name, address and long tracking number for each parcel. Today we had more parcels than usual so he was well annoyed. He looked up and hissed; “what kind of life is this?” I had nothing to say besides; “Have you made a complaint to them?” which immediately sounded stupid as: 1) He probably had- countless times, and 2) Would they even listen? This is DHL.

So I pop in to get him a small card- an invitation to church with times and address. The reverse of the card reads “Life doesn’t have to be difficult“. I give it to him as I ask where he lives, etc. He says; “church? You won’t need that”. My heart sank, brotherhood of the cross and star maybe? He continues; “I’m a leader in the church!” He said it with a smile. I was so happy because this man has never cracked a smile, ever. He went on to tell me the name of the church and it was not a cult, relief. If the Lord allows me, I’ll do a post on cults one day ;-).

The second bit of gist is still evolving. I got a general email from a supplier who informed us that his payment terms are changing to pro-forma, i.e full payment is required before goods are dispatched. I email him back to let him know that we are happy with that, hope he is well, etc. The reason for the change is that yet another children’s furniture store has gone out of business and he has lost money for the second time in 6 months. So we email back and forth a couple of times as I commiserate with his loss of funds, and we talk about the economic climate. Then my curiosity got the better of me and now I desperately want to know who it is. So I google all kinds of keyword combinations- children’s furniture bankruptcy, insolvency, this, that and come up with nothing. I email him after thinking of a dignified way to be an amebo, and he is yet to reply. Hmmm. This was not on my schedule today by the way. I guess now I am feeling embarrassed because he knows my reason for finding out isn’t because I want to console the other party!

On another note, I’m super excited about tomorrow’s fair! I don’t quite know if it is the prospect of meeting customers face to face which I love doing, or 2 nights at the Best Western-complete with a protein-rich breakfast, no house chores, and my own space? The word “mummy” will not even feature, WOW!!!

Thank you for reading, a more informative post next time I hope!

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  1. Hi Madam Itchy Ears,

    I patiently await your piece on “Cults”.


  2. Lol! JAM, still condensing my material, it is turning out to be a mini series which we don’t want! How are you?


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