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What I’ve Learned For Sure

I am so excited! 2010 is drawing to a close and I am here to witness it. I started to write this post about 2 weeks ago when fear gripped me, what if you don’t make it? Kia kia I put down the laptop and said “Abeg, I no do, let the year end then I’ll write”. Thankfully the Lord reminded me that premature death is not his plan for His creation, and that my future is in His hands. So here I am!

The start of a new year has got to be my favorite time of the year. I look back on the past year and reflect on it. This year, however is very different. I am genuinely pleased that we are in the last week of 2010. This time last year I couldn’t wait to get into the new year. My attitude was more of hope, hope that the new year held better things than the previous. I was eager to say goodbye to the year as it had been a challenging one.

It is not the same today. I am excited because I still have a few days to finish up unfinished projects. I want to finish strong and start next year right. I usually write out resolutions and goals. My goals are the same, but my resolutions have altered. This time I actually have a working strategy.

What I have learned for sure:

That the challenges that  I encountered were not meant to trip me up, but to make me stronger. Instead of being afraid when trials come, I have learned to embrace them and look for the lessons in them. Sometimes the lessons are obvious like the consequence of not being careful or exercising poor judgment as a result of not educating myself prior to making a decision. Other times the lessons are subtle, like the Lord teaching and training me to rely on him and put my confidence in him. I also learned to embrace and accept my weaknesses, mistakes and failures. My weaknesses are a part of who I am. I was created with those weaknesses so really I have nothing to be ashamed of. God is made strong n my weaknesses. I have friends who support me in particular areas. For example I wasn’t born organized but I have two amazing friends, Tola and Tiwana who are natural-born organizers. I remember once when Tola visited me at the store, she got to work and sorted absolutely everything out- dishevelled desk, files, and even invoicing without having any knowledge of the business. Tiwana and I stayed at the same hotel once and I of course was unpacked and unprepared for my early morning flight the next day. When I don’t get enough sleep I generally can’t get anything done, let alone sort out suitcases. She got in there and packed all our suitcases in no time and without breaking any sweat. It was like the fairy godmother of cleaning sprinkled some magic dust in my hotel room!

I have learned gratitude.  I used to wait for great things to happen before being thankful. Now I know that there are at least 206 bones to thank God for daily, 2 lungs, one heart, a brain, and then there are the body functions. I sleep and I awake- daily. I eat and enjoy my food. I can speak, I can hear, I have a functioning sense of taste, need I go on? Then there are relationships. My husband and sons, my parents, brothers, in-laws, cousins, friends, Facebook. Lets not forget work. I have an income. I work in an area I am gifted in so work always feels like play. I look forward to Monday mornings I don’t dread it.  There is also God. I actually have a relationship with the one who created me. Not only do I speak to Him, He actually loves my company. I once worked at McDonald’s and didn’t even know the regional manager. But I know the one who created him. I start and end my day now with 10 things I am grateful for and that keeps my eyes of the things that I want but don’t yet have.

I am glad that for the first time ever, I look back on the year without any regrets whatsoever. Yes there cringe-worthy moments I won’t forget ever like when I messed up an order with a VIP client, or when I wasted my time on unproductive activities, but I have no regrets because I can now guard against them and won’t be making many of those mistakes again.

Death. We lost a loved one this year. I learned that death is certain, sometimes it happens prematurely sometimes not. It is always so sad when a young person dies but in our case we take solace in the fact that he is in heaven.  He really is with the Lord and we are thankful that God made a way for mankind not to die an eternal death. I have learned that it is far better to live and die in Christ than to live for yourself- or anyone else for that matter.

I challenge you to make a list of the things you are thankful for that happened this year, the lessons you learned, the lessons you don’t want to re-learn and close the door on the past and move forward with joy and expectation into the new year!

Happy New Year!

Have you lost your mind?

Charity helplines receive a surge of calls during this period as people are reminded how far away their lives are from their childhood dreams. There are unhappy people around us this festive season. Some have put away their sadness and are tapping into the joy that surrounds them. Some are putting on a facade of excitement and happiness.  Some are unhappy just because they don’t know any other emotion. Life hasn’t been kind to them. There’s no real reason to celebrate. They’re broke and couldn’t afford presents. They are alone and have no one around them.

I want to suggest a few things to be thankful for.

You are alive.

You have at leat some body parts that function. Most people have the majority of their bodies working quite well.

You are in your right mind (at least most of the time!)

Being in your right mind means you can make a sensible decision.

The whole idea of Christmas is not so much to be happy for the season, eat turkey and get drunk only to return to misery. It is actually quite bitter-sweet in that a baby was born to be sacrificed, just so you will have a life of pure joy. While Jesus died to save us from going to hell, he also died so we could live a hell-free life on earth. You are not actually meant to be miserable, whereby you are simply waiting for it all to end so you can “rest in the bosom of our Lord”. Your life on earth is to be filled with joy, victory and peace. Jesus said; “In this world you will experience difficulties, but take heart I have overcome the world” John 16:33, the message bible. If you are having difficulties then you have proof that the words of Christ are true. He knew there would be an increase in knowledge and advancements in technology which could ‘potentially make life easier’ but he still said you will experience many difficulties. He knew. He knew you’ll be where you are right now. He also said he came that we may have life abundantly.

If you just read this, then you are in your right mind. Make a sensible decision and choose Christ today.

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Inspire Me!

I finally started the new blog I’ve been going on about. It is called InspireMe as I hope it will be an inspiration to all who visit. Please visit and subscribe here:

I hope your Sunday is going beautifully well. Mine is. Except that I am in such a lazy mood and can’t believe Monday is here already! The boys break up from school this week, I haven’t planned anything fun for them, we’ll be going to see some family movies and might make it to Lapland. Last year we went to winter wonderland and I was certain I had frost-bite and my entire being would become gangrenous. Thank God we survived. We did spot one man jogging in a T shirt and shorts in a sub-zero temperature. Some people are just mad. I don’t like the cold-at all. I don’t visit friends without my socks in case their home is cold. As a matter of fact I would rather go hungry than cold. How do I deal with winter? Well you know how some gurus offer these classes where they have their students walk on hot coals to overcome their fears? They get across the coals by chanting; “cold wet grass, cold wet grass!” Well I chant “hot red sun, hot red sun”! If I can make it to March I’ll be fine. And if I can get past December so that in January I can say next month winter ends….

Have a blessed week!

Words and their Alibis

It has been a very hectic couple of weeks- and I thank God for every minute!

2010 seems bound to be my year of immense transformation, growth and restoration. It’s a task in itself to gather my thoughts together and attempt to put up a post. Truth is, the entire experience deserves a whole new blog by itself.

Child number 2- the sporty, fashionable, charming one has picked up a new word. Urinate. He came home the other day announcing that he knew what urine meant and that he wanted to …you guessed it, urine. Which I corrected him and told him the verb form of the word. Big mistake. He no longer uses the word “wee-wee”. He chooses at all times and without fail to say “urinate” instead. We are all fed up and can’t quite understand why the child will pick that word over it’s friendlier alias. Sadly it didn’t stop there. He asked what the corresponding word for poo-poo was. Now it’s defecate this and defecate that. Sorry, I didn’t mean to put up a tasteless post but I thought you’ll like to know! Afterall what are friends for if not for sharing? LOL!!!

Thank you for reading, have a blessed rest-of-the week!