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Words and their Alibis

It has been a very hectic couple of weeks- and I thank God for every minute!

2010 seems bound to be my year of immense transformation, growth and restoration. It’s a task in itself to gather my thoughts together and attempt to put up a post. Truth is, the entire experience deserves a whole new blog by itself.

Child number 2- the sporty, fashionable, charming one has picked up a new word. Urinate. He came home the other day announcing that he knew what urine meant and that he wanted to …you guessed it, urine. Which I corrected him and told him the verb form of the word. Big mistake. He no longer uses the word “wee-wee”. He chooses at all times and without fail to say “urinate” instead. We are all fed up and can’t quite understand why the child will pick that word over it’s friendlier alias. Sadly it didn’t stop there. He asked what the corresponding word for poo-poo was. Now it’s defecate this and defecate that. Sorry, I didn’t mean to put up a tasteless post but I thought you’ll like to know! Afterall what are friends for if not for sharing? LOL!!!

Thank you for reading, have a blessed rest-of-the week!


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  1. Lol. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You should have said feces. Maybe that would put him off. Kids- Very funny

  3. Thanks all for sharing in my pain!


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