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Today has been a good day. Not as productive as I would have wanted but still, productive enough. I feel the need to tell you about Chet.

I decided to bring my Linkedin account out of hibernation and make some connections and was pleasantly surprised to find Chet- who used to be our delivery guy in Atlanta- now living in Turkey running a bar and grill! This might not mean anything to you but Chet used to run his highly efficient delivery company in Georgia. He started off with a small van, doing deliveries for small furniture businesses and later got a second Van. Before we knew it he had more than a handful of employees and a couple of trucks. He did deliveries for small businesses like ours and assembled the furniture too. No one else did anything close without charging hundreds for the same task, plus insurance, plus fuel surcharge, plus state and city tax- you get the picture. He was living the American dream and even ran the business peacefully with his ex-wife and current girlfriend working side by side. Then the recession hit in 2008 and he was affected. He closed shop and moved far, far away to Turkey. Why Turkey, I am yet to find out. I had assumed he was Latino, maybe I was wrong.

Now the reason I have brought this up is to point out his ability to bounce back along with the guts to try something not even closely related to what he had done before. I mean if you build a successful business, chances are that you can do it again right? Especially since you know the market well enough. You have contacts, clients, knowledge and skill. Chet also had the confidence that is absent in many new business owners. He could easily have had a been there, done that attitude. But he tried something new.

Is there something new you should be doing? Did you try something you really wanted to succeed in and it failed, or it just didn’t happen? Take a step of faith. God has endowed us all with gifts and talents galore, you don’t have to get stuck doing the one thing you know how to, don’t be a headbanger! I look forward to chatting with Chet so I can ask him if he is enjoying his new gig. My guess is, he is.

Thank you for reading, do come back.

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  1. Just read your seven things about you, interesting, especially how you met your hubby. I hate quarrels too, I don’t know that any other thing makes me as unconfortable.

    As for Chet, he’s a brave man and an inspiration.

    • Thanks Myne! I feel you on quarrels. Its funny that when the story is being woven you cannot possibly see any inspiration there. I bet he must have been distraught when his business failed. Look at him now!

  2. JenniferAbayowa

    Wow. I love the inspiration from this post. Bouncing back is a gift we all need to imbibe. Sometimes, things (like businesses) go through hardships, which can cause us to excel even more if we can think of better opportunities. Isn’t that why they say “when one door closes, another one opens”?

  3. T, God help me overcome my technophobia 🙂

    I have a BB Bold still in mint condition in its box – I need to work that thing, and my other toys. Hubby has just about given up on me!

    KC is another story – we have now recommenced activity following an extensive fallow period (I HAVE been busy, OK?) 🙂 (so I tell myself).LOL

    Yes, stepping outside my comfort zone – and making a success of it, is my goal in 2011.

    Luvya 🙂

  4. O…..Kay! IJ, we must get over this 🙂 The BB is definitely the must have tool, ‘some people’ call it their friend! You can even run a business entirely from your Blackberry.

    You do so much, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Make sure your goals are achievable in a sensible time period so you don’t get too stressed. How is Aussie? You guys got ore airtime than usual thanks to your weather, and have now been bumped up the celebrated countries list! We’ll speak soon, God bless love!


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