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It’s the start of a new month. I love all things new, especially days, months, years. I really do see it as a new slate with a chance to start all over again. I love what Jaycee said when she wrote that your new year is when you want it to be.

February holds a special significance to me because we have two birthdays in our family. My mum and my super-fine nephew. It is also the month when our new website will be launched. Yes I am putting myself out there so I can be accountable. This is one deadline that must be met.

Things are working out very well with my resolutions, regarding work and home life. The only snag is that I don’t get to speak with my friends as much as I used to, I know it is only for a while.

I have decided to become a bit more outgoing. That probably sounds rather contradictory as I just said I don’t get to speak with friends often enough. By outgoing I mean making myself available to others. You see I can be a tad bit self-centered sometimes, this is evident during conversations when I find myself thinking of the next thing to say when I should be listening. I am working on that, God is helping me as I know that it isn’t and shouldn’t be all about me!

I had the privilege to have been featured in a Christian Lifestyle magazine recently, It was very special because I totally love that mag and read it daily. I wouldn’t have been featured if I hadn’t reached out to them in the first place. Granted all I was thinking was more publicity for the business, but God had other plans. It ended up being an inspirational piece and all who read it said they were actually inspired? Really??? So I guess I need to speak to people more, be a blessing and be a better listener.

Enough about me already, see what I mean by being self-centered?

PS; Inspire Me! has been updated.

Thank you for reading

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  1. JenniferAbayowa

    First time on InspireMe, totally love it. On the updated post, one sentenced that got me was, “The pain, He makes good.” He’s a good God, really. Thank God that you’ve been able to complete the tasks you set for yourself as resolutions, may more completions and victories come your way this year 🙂

  2. Amen J and I pray the same for you dear!


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