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My new year resolutions for 2014 can be distilled into one buzz word, authenticity.

Not that I have gone out of my way to be pretentious or fake, but after some reflection in the last few months of 2013, I realised and faced up to the fact that there have been times when I haven’t been entirely comfortable with who I am. I love myself to bits- I don’t want to be anyone else, I don’t wish I was Michelle Obama, but still I noticed that I have struggled to be myself in certain situations, especially when outside my comfort zone.

Case in point the new blog issue. I wanted to start a new blog that would appeal to my clients, none of whom I live like or look nothing like. So I struggled with a blog name and content. The plan was to write as this personality that fit in with the quintessential Brit. A lady who lunches. I was to visit places and appreciate the sort of art I normally don’t care for, then write about it (in a genteel tone) as though it was normal for hubby and the boys to go to Lords Cricket Ground, while I had afternoon teas with the Windsors. Don’t get me wrong I do love the finer things in life and appreciate art and beauty, but your girl wanted to take it to another level so she could fit in.

After struggling for a while I pushed the  idea to the back of my mind. But the comments you kindly share on this blog, the email responses I get from friends and in conversation with my friends, I tend to get two main descriptive phrases that resonate deeply. One of them is being authentic.

I have come to the conclusion that the best personality I can portray is mine. I cannot successfully try to be someone else. The fear of not being accepted in a different social circle is gone, because God made me with a personality that cannot be replicated. So who I am is unique and beautiful as it is, I don’t need to alter me. This is not to say I won’t try to improve on areas that need improving on, I believe in education outside the classroom and life-long learning, and I will still go out to expose the boys to the epicurean lifestyle, but I will do so while remaining authentic. I love my name and totally love my skin colour and I’m comfortable in it.

I have also come to the conclusion that excellence can only be achieved when you’re being yourself. Because that’s what you were pre-wired to be. Imagine a car trying to be a boat? Or an apple hoping to taste like an orange? You get the picture!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2014, filled with the confidence to be you! Thank you so much for being in my life and sharing my journey with me!

I’d love to hear your buzz word for 2014.


On the blog note, I have decided to step out and create a separate page on the business blog, complete with my photograph and sharing my life and loves, the real one, not the imagined one, it’s a big step for me and I’m VERY excited!

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  1. I agree completely with you, authenticity make us happy.

  2. I don’t really have a buzz word yet but I’m trying to grow into this one I got from church last night –> 2014: My year of overflow!

    I try to keep it simple but I get greedier as the year progresses đŸ˜€

    P.S. This sounds like the real you. Welcome back! *although you were never gone*

  3. Toks,

    I don’t believe they come any more authentic than you. But then again, they say ‘who feels it knows it’!

    Excellent writing as usual – unless of course you were acting that out too!

    Buzz word? I haven’t come up with one yet – but ‘Action Stations’ is saying my name

  4. Congratulations on the revelation! It’s important to me too to be authentic, because the worst thing I could imagine is to meet a reader or a fellow blogger in person and learn that they feel like they don’t know me at all because my blog is so different from who I am in person.

    I’m excited for the step you’re taking in sharing a bit more of yourself on your business website…I think it’ll improve your clients’ ability to connect with your brand.

  5. Authenticity is sure one of the simplest gift you can give to humanity. Am glad you mentioned you had a reflection, we all need to have often. I mentioned about how to deal with this in my book ‘The a Next Maverick’. I love the business blog, girl, you have a generous heart, the world is waiting to receive some love and fun.

    My big resolution is to be in an ‘Attitude of Love’ always.


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