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About Toks

I am a christian woman- wife, mom and business woman.  I married my best friend 16 years ago and we are blessed with some adorable children. You’ll read a lot about them as they are an interesting bunch, I’ll introduce them gradually- gradual doesn’t happen in our home!

Musings on my business will appear frequently too as The PP takes up a chunk of my life- and I love it. I feel blessed to do what I do, more so as God is involved in every nook and corner of my life.

I named my blog Pawpaw and Mango. Don’t ask me why. I could never climb a pawpaw tree as it was too long and smooth with no branches. The Mango tree had too many cobwebs and the bits fell off easily and stuck to my hair- I then had to endure the afro pick being used to comb it out. Ever had your natural afro hair combed out while still plaited? You get the picture! I did LOVE climbing our guava tree though and would do it once I see a guava tree growing in London LOL! Thanks for reading, ENJOY!


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  1. …greatly enjoyed Mango, Pawpaw, Guava, PP and all this reading! Keep it up Toks

  2. There should be a “like” button on this page! Interesting lol

  3. interesting read… you sound like an old friend. Quick, witty, intelligent, i haven’t see your pic but am sure to tell you are beautiful. I’m not wasting time here i know!


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