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The Hair Situation

I’ve just returned from the hairdresser’s and I’m not happy. I am not ridiculously fussy about my hair but it MUST look good always, or be covered if I’m outdoors. Interestingly enough I love my hair looking wild when I’m indoors. It is very thick and luscious and two weeks after a perm it looks like it took the unanimous decision to revert to its natural afro state. Back to why I’m unhappy. I already knew what style I wanted, i.e the one shown in the pic above. 2 weeks earlier I had sent my braid specialist the pic to ask what type of hair was needed.

Warning #1 She told me to ask the hair shop. I should have taken that as a sign that this deal wasn’t going to go down well.

Warning #2 Next I made my way to the hair shop and after a couple of feeble sentences with Mukhtar, left  store with what looked like a close match to what I wanted. My hairdresser suggested I bought 3 packs but knowing my hair I took  4.
Warning #3. Hairdresser takes one glance and declares it isn’t going to be enough. So I suggest cane rowing the front, same effect, no big deal. She finishes the canerow and says it still isn’t enough. So we agree I’ll go and buy the weave version of the hair and weave the back instead. Even better for me as it means I’ll be done sooner.

Warning #4.  The hair only comes in braid format, weave version is not available. I also learn that although there are possibly hundreds of brands, but no two brands are the same. So I purchase the closest weave I could identify and hope for the best.

My preferred braid

My preferred braid

Warning #5. It wouldn’t blend. Silky versus kinky. Now I’m gutted. The logical thing was done which was forget my afro style and go with the silky one ( which I completely do not like)

The battle between coming to terms with the turn of events and refusing to be angered by Aunty Catford’s conversation begins. I don’t know why she’s called Aunty Catford, my only theory is that she lives in Catford. The entire time I’m there she doesn’t crack a smile. And as she’s the one doing my hair I dare not ask why she’s called Catford. For all you know they might not even be saying Catford, though I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m hearing.

See, you’re lucky. That first hair you got was rubbish.‘ The ‘R’  and the ‘sh‘ are heavily emphasized. Me, I quietly denounce every negative pronunciation over my afro.

‘It would have tangled very badly and you would have just wasted your money’, she continues. Some people just can’t take a hint! You can’t force one to like what one does not like.

But I like tangled! Tangled is natural’, I scream with my inside voice!

See how nice it looks? It looks like human hair!’

Every single person in the shop agrees with agama lizard style nods. It feels like I’m in a war with everyone in the shop.

Me, I want my face to be admired too, ie ‘your hair suits you‘, or ‘you are beautiful all round, love the hair too’. What I don’t want is to have people admire the hair I purchased from Mukhtar. You might as well go to his shop and admire all the hair he sells.

I don’t usually wear weaves, I prefer braids or my relaxed hair cut in a pretty nifty style. So this is new for me.

Silky Hair

Silky Hair

I’ll see how I feel in the morning, If I’m still unhappy I’ll execute plan B.

It is morning.

Thank you for reading, do come back!