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In the Village of the Blind..

The boys and I went with our beloved dog to visit my cousin, Jumoke. Biola was also present and we had a really good time. When it was time to return home we managed to get lost and found ourselves in what seemed like a run-down coastal village. People were milling around rather aimlessly, it was getting dark and the water drainage system didn’t seem like it was functioning for there were puddles everywhere. The women looked weather-worn and poverty-stricken, but happy in their own way. The happiness seemed contained, as if they were only happy so long as they were in that environment. The men walked around in small groups or alone, they wore well-worn clothes, unbuttoned shirts and trousers rolled up to their knees, presumably because of the puddles.

I made a U-turn right by the edge of the river which left me feeling unhinged. The whole scenario unnerved me and I couldn’t wait to get us out of there. I came out of the car to ask a lady for directions and she leaned over and whispered urgently “You’re in the village of the blind, the villagers are all blind and the most wicked on earth, you want to get out of here as soon as possible” Strangely enough she didn’t seem perturbed that she was a seeing-woman in a village of violent, blind people. As I turned to go back to the car, the boys had already come out of the car and child #1 was chasing our dog who had managed to get off his leash. I was so angry as I ran after them screaming and asking him why he let go. The dog found a round pipe and ran inside it. We chased after calling him but he seemed to think it was all a game. As we approached the house where the pipe lead into, I noticed an old man sitting inside right by the window, filing his fingernails. I asked him nicely if he wouldn’t mind passing our dog to us and he responded with “no.” He didn’t even look up and he didn’t stop filing his nails. I noticed he had two opaque eyes, each sunken in their own socket. He’s face was tanned and etched with 8 to 10 deep lines. He looked and felt very diabolical and evil seemed to emanate from him. It was as if he was the very embodiment of evil. My heart started to pound as I realized I had come face to face with one of the most wicked people on earth.  Then I saw our dog being humped by the man’s bigger dog, we started begging for our dog and our poor, previously un-humped dog ran upstairs to escape. I stopped child #1 just in time as he made to go in through the pipe. I resigned myself to the very real possibility that we would be leaving without our dear, dear dog whom we love so much and is a member of our family. As I turned to gather my boys, I noticed child #4 had been snatched away  and they were now trying to take child #3. I blacked out, and saw nothing but white light. It was the sun streaming in through my window, it is morning and I’m awake, safe and sound and so are my children. We have no dog.

I can’t help but ponder on the meaning of this dream, not all my dreams have meaning but this one was so poignant. For one I am so thankful for God’s protection over us. That we are safe, the children are free from danger.

I wonder if it has something to do with spiritual blindness. That being blind means being in danger?  What if we could see into our future, what effect will that have on our decisions today? What if we had eyes on both sides of our faces as well as in front and at the back? Besides looking hideous I think that we would do much better in possibly all areas of our lives. What if  like Google earth we had the ability to zoom in and out?

At the moment I feel very overwhelmed, I have a lot on my plate- mostly good stuff but find that I can’t exactly enjoy them yet, as I’m either trying to do all of those things at the same time, or I am paralyzed, wondering where to begin. I know that if I am able to stand all the way back, I’ll have a clearer picture of what needs to be done, and even allocate timelines for each item. I’ll be able to connect the dots to form a nice, chaos-free picture. When you are in a situation that is usually all you can see just like when you zoom in at street level on google maps you only see a few streets. You can’t see the train stations and public buildings unless you move around or better still zoom out.  If you keep zooming out the full picture becomes clearer until you see our beautiful planet earth.

So today I think I’ll put pen to paper and zoom out, start with the finished picture and slowly zoom back in, connecting the dots until I finally find my way around. I’m learning to live by having faith in my vision, i.e the outcome and not getting stuck on how I’ll get there.

I with you a fruitful and productive week, thanks so much for reading!


Employment 102

Here’s some more of my work history as promised.

Wimpy wasn’t so bad. I loved their hot dogs which the workers were proud to call ‘benders’. A classic breakfast consisted of fried eggs, bacon, fries and a bender.  Now I had told Marcel, the restaurant manager that my previous experience was at McDonald’s. The way his eyes lit up made me realize that in his opinion taking this job was a step down the job hierarchy. He offered me the job on the spot. I was ecstatic. My only prior experience with McDonald’s was ordering food, to which the sales assistants would respond “Eat in or take away?” To prove my imaginary experience was in fact real I took to asking every customer at Wimpy  “eat in or take away?” That frustrated Marcel to no end as he got tired of telling me Wimpy was not McDonald’s, it was a “real” restaurant and most customers would eat in. I now see the illogicality  of asking someone purchasing eggs, sausage and bacon if they wanted to take it away. Sorry Marcel!

McDonald’s. I actually worked here after Wimpy! At the interview I was given my uniform and told to begin work the next day. My classmate- Chris told me to apply because the hours were flexible, perfect for a student. I wonder where Chris is now? He was a truly sweet friend. On day one I arrived at work ready to get introduced to the fryers, cold rooms and so on. The manager showed me the staff room to get ready, it was at that point I realized that I forgot my uniform at home. 3 hours later I returned with my uniform and was told to mop the large golden arches just outside. Problem: What if any of my classmates saw me in that less than dignifying position? Next I was introduced to the fryers. I was to fry half a bag of chicken nuggets, which I very quickly did. At McDonald’s you are not allowed to be idle even for a second. As there was nothing else to do I thought it would be nice to keep frying the nuggets. So I fried and I fried and I fried. It was no small commotion when a couple of the staff saw what I was doing and quickly alerted the manager. Apparently it is sacrilege to fry up to one bag at a time, I had fried more than two and now everything had to be thrown away because their policy is to serve “freshly prepared food”.

My McDonald’s job lasted one week. It was the mopping of the logo outside that did it.

By the way I now make all my sausages like benders! Works particularly well with hot-dogs. You make incisions at regular intervals across the length of the sausage and when you fry it, it bends into a ‘C’ or an ‘O’, hence the name.

Thanks for reading!